Wear it like a pro that you would love to show-off.

How wonderful it is when you are riding a bike and winds are making adrenaline rush.

Speed thrills, they say. When love for the bikes is in your blood, don’t you think that safety related gears should be on top of the charts? And when it comes to riding gears what would you prefer Safety, Comfort, Addictive, Long-lasting, and Affordable. If you are looking for all these aspects while going for a long ride or within a city ride then, you have reached right place at right moment, what can better than this?

Here we go with a wide range of riding gears including helmet, riding jackets, gloves and many more.

Yes, our products provide Safety, Comfort, Addictive, Long- Lasting, and yes they are affordable. We are SCALA GEARS!



You love Bikes, right! And what about yourself?

Don’t you love yourself enough that you would invest in your safety? You do, we know.

Be safe! She says when you leave the house. Yes, she loves you to Moon and back, your mom!

And what can be better choice than our products.



All we need is a comfort when it comes to Bike accessories. Our products are designed in such a way that you will at so much ease after wearing it than you could even imagine.



The classy design that you will get addicted to . Because , style fades with time but, class is a  forever thing !



Obviously! You will prefer a long-lasting product, not a temporary. Our aim is to provide a quality product which is long–lasting.



What can be better than this, if the product is having all he desired qualities a Biker can wish for and cherry on the cake is the accessories they are wishing for are affordable.


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